Essential Emotions


Is your "heart" in need of care and repair?
Are you ready to feel good more often and lift up any stagnant worry, anxiety, emotional pain etc?
Are you ready to take control of your emotions and mental wellbeing?
Imagine the changes you could achieve?
  •  Promote feelings of optimism, cheerfulness, and happiness and counteract negative emotions of feeling down, blue, or low.
  • Grow in comfort and hope and counterbalance negative emotions of grief, sadness, and hopelessness.
  • Nurture feelings of contentment, relief, and patience and release negative emotions of anger and guilt.
  • Boost confidence, courage, and belief and do away with negative emotions of doubt, pessimism, and cynicism.
  • Ignite feelings of excitement, passion, and joy and shift negative feelings of boredom and disinterest.
  • Support feelings of peace, reassurance, and contentment and counteract anxious and fearful emotions.


I'm here to tell you that it's easier than you think to do all of the above.

I am a living example of how easy it is to restore a broken heart and to revive the body-mind-spirit connection.

Essential oils are a powerful tool to regain/maintain/shift your mood. They stimulate self-repair and are very useful for balancing chemical  reactions in the body.

From supporting deep sleep and relaxation to shifting past trauma perceptions and anxieties, there is an oil for it!


If you want to learn more about how using essential oils can help your emotional issues, please write to me. I am excited and honoured to be your guide and to take you on that essential journey.

In the mean time, please accept lots of essential love and light from me,

Desi Stefanova

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