Why YOU need Essential Oils in YOUR life:


What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils have been around since the dawn of times and people have been using them for healing as far back as in Biblical times. Essential oils are the volatile liquids that are distilled from plants (including seeds, bark, leaves, stems, roots, flowers, fruit etc). They are the aromatic compounds that make a rose so attractive and herbs so tasty in our dishes. Essential oils make our so important link with nature. They were serving us humans long before the pharmaceutical companies started experimenting and producing cheap replacements in labs.

One thing is clear, we must use high quality essential oils if we want to experience the full range of their benefits. The purity and therapeutic value of an oil is determined by its chemical constitution which can be affected by factors such as soil condition, geographical region, climate, weather, season, to mention but a few.


Essential Oils are Powerful Healers With Five Levels of Depth:

Stage 1. Physical healers

Assist in healing the physical body. Some Essential Oils are considered to be 40-60 times more potent than herbs. (Schnaubelt, K. The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils). They assist the body in fighting unfriendly viruses and bacteria, purifying the glands, organs and all body systems, balancing the body functions and raising the body's vibration (Stewart, D. Healing Oils of the Bible)

Stage 2. Heal the heart and our emotions

As the essential oils heal the physical body, they provide us with the energy needed to penetrate the heart and enter the realm of emotions. As the body's vibration rises, lower energies such as suppressed bad emotions) become unbearable and the body wants to release these feelings. Anger, grief, sadness, judgement, low self-worth, etc can't exist in a balanced environment which essential oils create. These suppressed emotions get released resulting in deep emotional healing. The more we let go and trust the healing process, the more enjoyable it becomes

Stage 3. Releasing limiting beliefs

Stage 4. Increase spiritual awareness and connection

Stage 5. Inspire the fulfilment of our Life's Purpose.


Which Essential Oils to Choose?

I can ONLY trust doTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils for both health and financial well being.

Here are the facts. Unlike some common and broadly available products, doTERRA essential oils are pure, potent and safe and can be used topically, aromatically and even internally as they are not adulterated by cheap fillers or artificially created substitutes. Here you can read more on the subject of quality control and the kind of third party testing doTERRA uses.



Ethically Sourced Product

dōTERRA is the fastest growing essential oils company on the planet. The reason - it’s the product!

But that is not all. dōTERRA practices sustainable sourcing and it supports local farmers worldwide so they can produce the best quality essential oils - that is what really makes the product outstanding as it is indigenously sourced and produced with care. (We all know that the oregano from our English back garden doesn't have the full flavour of the oregano from the Mediterranean). dōTERRA supports local growers by providing economic benefits, sustainable farming training and the needed resources to ensure ecological standards are exceeded – so families can benefit from these natural products for generations to come!

Now this is your opportunity to join the movement – bringing greater wellness to you and your family and better working conditions and farming practices to farmers around the globe!


How Can I Get These Awesome Essential Oils?

There are three ways. I will start with the most costly and least profitable. (Go straight to number 3. for BEST choice).

1. Buy at Retail Prices - 25% more compared to Wholesale Prices. You can do this here.

2. A better way is to sign up as a Wellness Advocate yourself. You can do this HERE. This is the option that gives you straight away 25% discount on the Retail price of all products. For example, the Retail price of Lemon Essential Oil (15ml) is £12.40 but the Wholesale price is only £9.30. Another example: Wild Orange (15ml) Retail Price £12, Wholesale £9.  Once you sign up as a Wellness Advocate, you will be able to qualify for the Loyalty Rewards Program and the Product of the Month Club, which will help you to minimize your product expenses and maximize your product quantity. Wellness Advocate Membership costs £20 for a year and the yearly renewal fee is only £15 (or 15€). This renewal fee comes with a free bottle of Peppermint, one of the most popular oils dōTERRA offers (it's basically free).

3. The best way to purchase doTERRA products is by buying one of the Introductory Kits. If you join the company as a Wholesale Member with one of these Introductory Kits, you save a considerable amount of money on top of the Wholesale Membership discount (which is 25%) but also the initial yearly fee is included in the price of the Kit so you save that £20. Here are just two examples of the kind of savings you can achieve:
The Home Essentials Kit is one of the most popular because it comes with 10 full size 15ml bottles of the top medicinal oils and a diffuser, for £226.20 (includes VAT & Delivery) - saving £174. It is a great way for someone to try out all of the most popular oils and the aromatic experience of a diffuser and get a great bundle saving.

The Home Essentials Kit includes:

Frankincense - The oil of Truth - Video

Lavender - The oil of Communication - Video

Lemon - The oil of Focus - Video

Peppermint - The oil of Buoyant Heart - Video

Melalaeuca (Tea Tree) - The oil of Energetic Boundaries - Video

Oregano - The oil of Humility and Non-Attachment - Video

Breathe - The oil of Breath - Video

DigestZen - The oil of Digestion - Video

Protective Blend ("OnGuard") - The oil of Protection - Video

Soothing Blend ("Deep Blue") - The oil of Surrendering Pain - Video

and a diffuser!


A slightly cheaper option is The Family Physician Kit + Slim & Sassy Starter Kit - cost £114.60, saving £75. This kit includes 6 single essential oils and 5 blends that no family should ever be without. The bottles are three times smaller (5ml) and the kit does not contain a diffuser.



So, if you are ready, you can either click on the purple button above or use this link HERE and sign up by choosing your country, then choosing the Kit you want to get. Alternatively, you can just pay £20 and select the essential oils you want as described in point 2.


But That Is Not All! doTERRA Offers a Life-Changing Opportunity for Financial Freedom

Are you someone who prefers natural solutions and takes ownership of your own health and wellness?
If you are a business oriented person, you will LOVE the opportunity that doTERRA provides. It has given me a vehicle for recurring income – with an unparalleled compensation plan that rewards leadership, training and service.
Join my team and you can start enjoying safe, effective and Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. I support my team members with the training, mentoring and resources they need to succeed!

Get started today by filling in the form and I will be back in touch with you to answer any questions.

Love and Light to you,

Desi Stefanova  

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