Mindset Work

If you think you are failing as a parent - this is for you, keep reading...

Are you having sleepless nights worrying that...

*  your children don't seem to listen to you?
*  your children seem to be in control of the family and you feel powerless to address this?
*  you are feeling exhausted by the constant running around and have no minute to relax and have time for yourself?
*  you are not having enough finances to cover their clubs and trips or family holidays?
*  you don't seem to agree with your partner on the issues around disciplining your children and the children know that and take advantage of it?
*  you are too busy at work and don't spend enough time with your children and partner and that causes you to feel guilty?
*  your relationship with your parents is suffering because of your family life?
*  you feel incompetent to deal with homework as you believe you were not good at academic (school subjects) either? 
*  worrying about your relationship, your job, and it just seems to be overwhelmingly difficult to be a parent...

Trust me, I know how you feel. Luckily, I can help you!

After working with me and taking one of my programmes, you can have a considerable improvement in your emotional well-being, your parenting will improve dramatically and you will finally feel that you are in charge of the children (instead of being bossed around by them).

Imagine what it would feel to have a reduction in your stress levels, anxiety and worries. You will be able to sleep well and have a good rest at night. You will have a better communication with your loved ones and your children will start "miraculously" to listen to you and do as you have asked the to. Your body will be healthier too. It can become all possible, if you get your mind sorted. Imagine the possibilities! How would your life change if you weren't afraid to make the choices you once considered difficult? 

For those parents who are ready to be empowered in a totally unique way, I could help you overcome problems like:

*  Release stress and anxiety of any sort and achieve Instant Calm in any stressful situation,
*  Find the reasons why you are experiencing struggles in your life - the limiting beliefs that are stopping you in achieving your best Self, 
*  Replace these blocks with empowering beliefs and perceptions so you become unstoppable,
*  Harness the power of your emotions and improve low self-esteem or lack of confidence,
*  Sort out any other parenting issues and become confident that you are doing your job right,
Sort out health issues triggered by your environment (thoughts and feelings) - if you upgrade your mindset, you create a new reality and you become in charge of your health

This Is For You If:

  • You're tired of feeling stuck and frustrated with all the family issues in your life
  • You're open minded, ready to face the reality and willing to accept new insights
  • You want to embrace and nurture your inner potential by removing all the obstacles in your way

This Is NOT For You If:

  • You're not willing to admit to yourself that your life is your responsibility 
  • You're not willing to consider other people's point of view as equally valid as your own view on life
  • You're not ready to face your inner "demons" and take action to remove these blocks 


See what my clients say about our work together:

"I have had the privilege and pleasure to work with Desi Stefanova.  Her PSYCH-K® sessions are transformational and empowering. Desi's stress-release toolbox is excellent and her facilitation brings great emotional relief. She is authentic and very generous with her time. I highly recommend Desi for any personal development work!"  Kawthar Benaissa , Naturopath and Coach

Book The Package That Suits Your Needs Best:

FREE Consultation

A friendly chat about your goals and how I can be of help in achieving them. An informal getting-to-know-each-other before  we begin the journey to transforming your mindset for success!  

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(Stress Release)
Bring me your stress and I will help you release it, for good.
It takes as little as 15 min! Price - £50.

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Single Consultation

This is a single 60min consultation and it is an additional option to complement any further needs after the other programmes finish. It is a good option for further "maintenance", as and when needed. Price - £97.

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For parents who feel their are not good enough... I can help you feel empowered. By the end of this programme, you will have a significant improvement in your relationship with your child. This programme is designed to transform your blocks and  unleash your potential to achieve a totally new level of calm, enjoyment, love and care. By transforming your mindset, you manifest a completely different reality for yourself and this work ensures your child's future success. This is a highly personalised work, one-to-one with me, and you are in control of what you want to achieve in your life.

Super Parent 101 includes three 90min consultations, usually taken one each month. In the three sessions we address issues such as fears and coping with change, the two fundamental reasons why children misbehave and we empower you to know how to bring up calm and well-behaved children. We redefine your role as a parent and a partner. We also deal with anger or regret issues - anything that may be causing you sleepless nights. We use essential oils to bring about forgiveness, motivation, passion and anything else that may be lacking from your life. 

Price for this package is £427
(this includes 3 x 90 min consultations and
unlimited email support between the consultations.)

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Create huge transformation with this option - it has the potential to redefine your life - your health, wealth, the relationship with your children and all your loved ones, etc. This work takes your family life to a whole new level of calm, enjoyment, love and care.

This is a highly personalised work, one-to-one with me, yet you are in control of what you want to improve in your life.

DEEP TRANSFORMATION FORMULA is a 6-months programme. During each month we "meet" twice for 90min each time, over Skype (or in person). This is intensive work with lots of shifts occurring. It is the most profound and intimate present you could give to yourself and to your family and I strongly encourage you to choose this empowerment route. 

DEEP TRANSFORMATION FORMULA includes a variety of modalities for ultimate breakthrough. By the end of the programme you have a significant shift in your relationship with yourself, your partner, parents, children. By using certain essential oils, you will gently shed the baggage that has been slowing you down. 

Price for this package is £1,697
(this includes 12 x 90min consultations and
unlimited email support throughout.)

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