S.O.S. Learning Blocks - Unlock Your Child's Learning Power

Are you feeling frustrated and helpless to deal with the daily challenges of bringing up your children? Then it's time for mindset upgrade!

Hi mum, hi dad! Is this you:

Are you a parent or a carer?

Maybe you are just now expecting your first child and are starting to feel anxious about your future parenting responsibilities.

Or maybe you have been a parent for a while now but have hit a rough spot.
You have done courses, studied children psychology and discussed your child's progress at school with their teacher
or with a medical professional but nothing seems to work and you can't find your solutions...

You are feeling stuck. Frustrated.

All you want is to have a normal, loving relationship with your child.
You want your child to improve their progress at school.
You are starting to realise that being a successful parent is trickier than you thought...
You catch yourself losing your temper with your child and shouting at them for being disrespectful or for failing a test...

You realise that being a good role-model is a matter of mindset: making sure that your beliefs match your vision - both for yourself and for your child.


You might be having a problem like these:


* Lack of confidence, so you give up your power, such as in "I am bad at maths, go ask your dad!"
* Fear of making mistakes because you were taught as a child that mistakes are bad.
* Issues around standing out from the crowd for fear of being bullied, laughed at or ridiculed.
* Feeling overwhelmed because you believe that learning/homework is hard, takes long, is boring etc.
* Panicking at the thought of enforcing doing homework because you have problems with authority- your child does not follow your instructions and the whole activity turns out to be a power struggle.
* Believing that you have nothing important to teach your child about life and how to be successful.

Have you ever experienced any of these?

You are not alone, if you have... I used to struggle with some of these myself... Fortunately, I found a way to change and transform my problems. It is a very easy and efficient method of getting rid of all that was stopping me from achieving my best, both as a parent and as a teacher too.


Imagine what it could be like:


* You are confident to support your child in anything they need help with and your child is a confident learner who absorbs new material effortlessly and can apply it creatively to new situations and areas of study.

* You are ready to learn from your mistakes and you welcome mistakes because you understand that they are an opportunity to progress and learn. You believe that mistakes are good (truly believe! On a deep subconscious level!)

* Your child listens to you and follows instructions well, without negotiations and arguments.

* You believe that you can nurture your child's innate curiosity and creativity.

* You know that you have important life lessons to teach your child and no one else can do it better than you.

* Your child goes to school happy and ready to learn.

* You feel empowered to be a parent.

Sounds good? This is what I want for you.

I want to help open-minded parents become empowered to nurture and raise successful children.


This is for you if:


* You are feeling frustrated with your role as a parent.
* Your child has problems with learning.
* You are willing to explore your blocks and what is holding you back.
* Your are ready to take action, to take responsibility and change the situation.

Are you ready to transform your mindset?

So, if I have described YOU, keep reading...


I am offering my S.O.S. Learning Blocks Programme to 6 parents ONLY. This is why:

It is a personalised formula, targeted to the unique needs of each of these 6 mums or dads that I work with.

It takes time for the changes to integrate,

so my formula is a 1-year-long personal support,

using PSYCH-K® and essential oils with the goal of achieving

deep changes in your life and orchestrate your child's future.

In the span of a year, we have two 60-min sessions per month during which we do our "detective work"

and replace the limiting beliefs you have with empowering ones.

As a result, you witness how your child's attitude to learning and maturing improves and your desired reality manifests.


This is VIP Coaching at its best!


I would love to work with you and help you nurture your child to success.

It pleases me immensely when my clients describe their breakthroughs and I feel I have served them well.

Here is what one of my clients has to say about our work together:

"I have had the privilege and pleasure to work with Desi Stefanova. 

Her PSYCH-K® sessions are transformational and empowering. 

Desi's stress-release toolbox is excellent and her facilitation brings great emotional relief.

She is authentic and very generous with her time. I highly recommend Desi for any personal development work!"

Kawthar Benaissa , Naturopath and Coach 


Your investment?

£400 per calendar month

Let's recap on what S.O.S. Learning Blocks Programme includes:

2 sessions of PSYCH-K®, 60 minutes each, one every other week.

The Programme has been designed to last 1 year.

Deep transformations take time to integrate, hence the duration.

You could cancel at any time provided you give me a month's notice.

Some people LOVE the journey SO MUCH they continue with my DEEP TRANSFORMATION FORMULA after the duration of the 1 year S.O.S. Learning Blocks Programme.

These people take such pleasure in engineering their environment that they don't want to stop after 1 year.

 So, it is really VIP coaching at its best!

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I'm looking forward to working with you!

Love and Light,

Desi Stefanova

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