The Evolution of Parenting

Hi, I'm Desi Stefanova.

I Am Here To Make Your Parenting Job Less Stressful, More Rewarding and Hugely Successful.


I am a Mum of two;

I'm a Primary School Teacher;

I'm a Mindset Specialist.

You can't get a better set of skills - most people are either one of these. Which means you have to hire separately for different parenting advice.

But not here, oh no!

I'll take care of you because I'm passionate about helping parents to nurture and raise successful children.

How do I make you a better parent?

By helping you become aware that you have certain harmful mindset and then showing you how to replace it with a different, helpful mindset. This is all very well explained in my book "Super-Parenting: How to Become a Super Parent".

Basically, what I do is this:

During a consultation with parents, I listen with three different types of "Ears":

My "Teacher Ears" hear about the school behaviour patterns of the children;
My "Parent Ears" relate to family perceptions and experiences;
My "Mindset Ears" capture all of the above and locate limiting subconscious beliefs, fears, blocks or traumas.which have been the reason for a certain problem, issue, reality.

These limiting subconscious beliefs are deleted easily, quickly and successfully, with my help, using a variety of safe and natural modalities.

The outcome is amazing!

Parents are less stressed and they have a better relationship with their children. Parents learn how to establish boundaries and say "no" when needed. Parents release any guilt or worthiness issues and they learn how to love unconditionally.

Children have an improved parental role-model to copy from. Children start behaving in a different way - not constantly seeking attention. Children improve their listening skills and they start to learn faster and retain knowledge better.

Our beliefs determine our thoughts and emotions. They are the reason for our current reality. This is what I do - I help parents to change their beliefs, so their life becomes totally different!

Oh, and one more thing! I have another passion too!  I love essential oils - nature's most powerful remedies, which are another way I can make a lasting transformation for my clients.

My Life's Lessons For You: 

If you think my life was easy, well, you are far from right...

Just like any other parent, when I first became a mum I found myself extremely stressed and overwhelmed. I had to learn how to be a good mum and it took me 20 years of trial-and-error to master the skills of successful parenting... Eventually, I came to realise that to understand our children, we, parents, must look inside our own souls and find the answers there.

Also, it took me many years to become a good teacher. Juggling a highly demanding teaching job while looking after my two children was tough! I have worked in this profession for more than 20 years now and I know intimately the "how/what/why/when" of children's attitude to school and learning. I have also had countless interactions with parents discussing their troubles.

Super Parenting eBook available on Amazon

This is how my book "Super Parenting: How To Become a Super Parent" was born. It bridges the three areas of expertise that I can offer. The information in the book could...

*  Make you an empowered parents.
*  Help you to feel confident to do this important job right.
*  Support you to nurture and raise successful children.

Now let's talk about YOU!


You and I have something in common: you care about your children and about their future success just as much as I care about my children and their wellbeing.

So, if you are open-minded, action-oriented, willing to learn new things and want to make a genuine positive change for yourself and for your family/relationships/job/business/success/confidence etc, then what I have to offer is exactly right for you and you will LOVE it!

If you don't like learning new things, if you are not willing to spend time exploring your own beliefs and mindset or if you think you already know everything about raising children and personal development, then you will HATE my methods and I strongly encourage you to stop reading further.

For this special YOU, who are READY to be EMPOWERED in a totally unique way, I am so looking forward to meeting you and giving you a hand to overcome problems like:

* Stress, anxiety and overwhelm by your tough parenting role or because of any other reason,
* Low self-esteem and lack of confidence, being shy, depressed or in any way stuck,
* Behaviour problems with your children at school and at home,
* Health issues triggered by poor health-care or school environment or any other factors,

or any other issue that has been bothering you for a while and you have not yet been able to fix it...

Are you ready to change your beliefs and change your life?

Contact Me

If you have any questions, messages, comments regarding my services, please send me a message using this form.

I look forward to hearing from you!

I will be in touch soon!

Best Regards,

Desi Stefanova

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