Empowering You with an Essential Solution for Healthy Life

Dear Mum,

You can take control of your family's wellbeing and your own self-care in an easy, empowered way and I am here to tell you how!

I am here to share with you a powerful solution for supporting health called essential oils. I started using these essential oils more than a year ago and they have made a huge difference to my moods, emotional state, boosting my immune system, fragrancing my house as well as my food and clothes. Using these products I have reduced the toxicity in my house which is an extremely important aspect of maintaining health, yet so few people talk about it. 

You too could:

  • Re-claim your health, boost your immunity, reduce the inflammation and improve the function of all systems throughout your body (and your loved ones), 
  • Balance your moods, emotions and maintain a positive, optimistic and happy outlook on life,
  • Help your children calm down, release their anxiety and focus on their learning,
  • Reduce the toxicity around your home so health benefits enormously,
  • and...
  • and...

The list can go on and on ...

We, Mums, are "fixers", aren't we? We want to fix everything and everyone. As a result of this mindset we could feel drained, like we are drowning in our lives, feeling overwhelmed by constantly being pulled in so many directions... Essential oils have been the blessing for me to make it all work better. And you can make your life better too. These essential oils are easily accessible and available. But there is a big BUT...

Not all essential oils have been created equal and there are many dangerous brands out for traps. So beware. The essential oils I use are the best that there are on the planet and they perform exactly as described. No cheap substitutions. 

If you want to know more, just get in touch and I will send you a sample. Then I will teach you all you need to know about using the oil safely and efficiently. What better way of getting to know essential oils.

I am so looking forward to hearing from you!

In the mean time, 

Warmest regards,


(I'm a mum of two who loves natural health care. I'm also an author, a mindset specialist and a teacher. I'm also an honest and caring lady.)

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Desi Stefanova

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