"Super Parenting: How To Become A Super Parent" Book.

This is a book about mindset and awareness. It teaches current and future parents how important the mindset of a parent is for a child's future. The book explains that by putting into practice some four main principles, a parent can upgrade their mindset to become a Super Parent who knows exactly how to nurture and raise successful children.

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Work With Me

This Highly Personalised and Individualised Work Addresses Your Current State of Being and Builds on Your Strengths for Ultimate Peace, Health and Success.

Instant Calm

Bring me your stress and I will help you release it, for GOOD!   Schedule Appointment

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Essential Wellness Education

“Learn about the incredible healing power of these essential gifts of the Earth and why YOU need Essential Oils in YOUR Life!” ~ Desi Stefanova

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Get Your Subconscious Mind On Board With Your Goals In Life!

“If life is a struggle, it’s time for a mindset upgrade.” ~Desi Stefanova

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