"I believe we are all born on this planet to experience happiness and live a fulfilled life.
If you agree with me but feel trapped, fearful or hopeless, if you have had enough of being powerless and if you are ready to stop compromising your happiness, then you and I may need to talk!

  Desi StefanovaPodcaster, Transformational Coach, PSYCH-K® Preferred Facilitator,
doTERRA Wellness Advocate, Author,
an Inquisitive Authentic Soul Who Loves Nature.

"Awaking Happiness"

8-Week Transformational Program 

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For many long years I was told by others
what to do,  when to do it,
what to think, how to think,
where to go,  when to go and who with,
and I didn't even realise how deeply imprisoned I really was and felt...

Until the day, after many years of feeling stressed out in a job I didn't like but stayed in for the money, I  decided, "enough is enough" and, despite the fear, despite the warnings of "caring" people, I quit my full-time teaching job so I can do what nourishes my soul. This was the very first decision in my life that I actually took by myself and for myself.

Hi, I'm Desi,

With more than 20 years of personal development and holistic health practices behind my back, I thought I was well prepared for the moment I said "enough".

"I am getting out of teaching!" I declared. However, little did I know how much more I had to grow as a person! Because leaving the "system" leaves you in NO system.  The reality is that another system doesn't exist until it's created. This was the first surprise: although different in nature, being one's own boss is as tough as having a boss. 

Creating one's own "System" is not easy, hence few people dare to venture out of the "established status quo", aka their Comfort Zone. This is what it takes to start creating life on one's own terms (from my own experience):

If you think you've run out of options, I invite you to think again...
It is never too late to change your life.